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NEW Nippii® Freezable Pacifier Ice Cube Tray!

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Nippii Ice Cube Tray!

Nippii Freezable Teething Pacifier And Ice Cube Tray

Nippii shaped ice cubes for your freezable pacifier!

Nippii is the world's first freezable pacifier made just for teething babies. Now, coupled with our freezable ice cube tray, you and baby can have relief around the clock! Just pop the pacifier shaped ice cube inside of your Nippii original freezable pacifier, for non-stop instant teething relief. Our Freezable pacifier Ice cube tray refills allow endless cooling relief for baby and a much needed break for the parent. Soothing care for teething babies.

Nippii Freezable Teething Pacifier Ice Cube Tray Refills

1) Just fill the Nippii Ice cube tray with water.

2) Freeze it.

3) Pop the Nippii shaped ice cubes into your Nippii freezable pacifier for even more teething relief! 

  • Docks two Nippii Original freezable teething pacifiers for optimal freezing
  • Freezes six Nippii Original shaped ice cubes for your freezable pacifier
  • Nippii freezable pacifier shaped ice cubes for around the clock teething relief
  • Endless cooling relief for baby
  • Medical grade silicone makes it easy to remove ice cube from tray and pop into your Nippii pacifier.
  • Dishwasher Safe
Cute Nippii Freezable Pacifier Girl