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Meet us


Hi friends, this is Kim. My husband Ryan and I have been married for 10 years, and we have four precocious, energetic children. Ryan has degrees in aviation and business, and is truly the MacGyver type—he loves to fix and build and create. I practiced as a dental hygienist for six years before having all these babies. I love to design and cook and create anything that adds beauty or fills your tummy.

The idea for Nippii grew out of our own experience trying to make our crazy lives as parents just a little bit easier. When we couldn't find what we needed for our babies and toddlers, we were inspired to create it! We went to work brainstorming and prototyping, and after a couple years of product development we introduced the Nippii® Freezable Pacifier to the world. We've been so encouraged by the stories of how our idea has helped teething babies and their parents—and we have so many other ideas we'd like to share. So Nippii Baby Products was born, and we're continuing our journey of creating beautiful baby products that solve problems for parents. Thanks for coming along! If you have any questions please contact my husband at


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