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Thanks for visiting the official Nippii blog! We couldn't have a business without all of the wonderful parents that want what is best for your little teething babies. Our hat is off to you, being a parent is hard! There will be days you might not think you're a great parent or that you can or should be doing something different or maybe you should be doing more for your infants and growing kiddos, but chances are your doing your best, and that is all you can do! So do something for yourself today. Get a candy bar, sit down for a minute, take a load off, watch an episode of your favorite show ; because you'll likely never wish you were more strict with your kids when you are old and grey, so let the next irritating thing your kid does slide. Look the other way and maybe even bite your lip because they are growing up so quickly and tomorrow they will be raising their own family. Don't forget to do something nice for yourself. Even if its just taking a shower! You can't care for anyone else unless you can care of yourself first. Remember, when you're on an airplane and there's a loss of cabin pressure you're suppose to put the oxygen on yourself before helping your kids and the same is true with life! You are doing your darnedest!


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(Not everyone follows our advice! Or maybe they don't have kids yet!)

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Keep doing your best Parents!