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We’ve been trapped at home for months now, and we know what that means: some extremely bored kids. Some days, it seems like the arguments start every 5 seconds. But, luckily, we’ve scraped together some fun adventures for you and your kiddos for when you’re out of ideas.

Trying to find a new way to get things done? A chore or homework bingo might be helpful! Draw up a board with a few things you need them to do with a prize as (bribery) incentive. 

Boston Children’s Museum and the Louvre virtual tours. You can check out their gift shops, take a “walk” through their exhibits, and learn a lot in the process!

National Parks. Using Google Earth, you can take an overhead tour of places like Yellowstone, Arches, Acadia, the Everglades, Zions, or Sequoia. It’s always fun to explore different landscapes and to see new places, even if you guys can't get away from the house just yet. 

Wildlife Cams. Monterey Bay Aquarium has cameras on several of their exhibits (the sea otters being a personal favorite), some pretty cool shark-feeding videos, and a lot of fun facts. The African Wildlife Cams are set up at watering holes and on the African plains, so you can watch elephants, water buffalo, gazelles, and so many other animals interact. It’s like a little taste of being on a safari. 

If you’re into the educational entertainment, you can check out Farms 360 for some cool info and videos on farming and agriculture. There are some pretty cool coding programs for kids (and some are even free! woot woot!), which can teach your kiddos some fun problem-solving skills and keep them entertained along the way. Bill Nye is always a classic, but if you’re looking for something a little different than a show, try a But Why podcast! They’re episodes made for curious kiddos, they’re interesting, and they can listen while they clean their rooms. Best scenario ever! 

And if you want something away from screens, there’s always baking, coloring, gardening (you could even make an indoor herb garden), dressing up, journaling (have kids make videos if they can’t or don’t want to write!), making slime or play-doh (there’s even edible play-doh you can make with kool-aid--how cool is that?). 

Have fun, and good luck keeping the peace, my friends!