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Homemade Baby Food!

The food industry in general is scary. There are thousands of additives in almost everything to make it taste better, stay fresh for longer, and even to make someone crave it again and again. So the fact that babies are eating who knows what in their applesauce is terrifying. To know what’s in baby’s food and to improve its quality, you can make your own! Here are a few tips on how to do it best. 

You’ll need a blender or something with which to puree the foods, jars, and some veggies and fruits ready to puree! You can cook the purees by steaming, simmering, or even use raw ingredients. 

There are countless recipes online for baby foods, but the beauty is that they’re fully customizable. You can use the foods you have at home, the spices you have on hand, and leave out anything you don’t want to include. It truly gives you so much control over what you feed your baby. 

Blending might take a bit, and depending on your blender you may need to add more water than a recipe calls for. As you’re blending, keep an eye on the puree to see if the sides of the blender need to be scraped or if more water needs to be added. But after a couple of minutes (and maybe a couple of cups of water), you’ll have yummy food ready for baby to eat. 

If you’re saving it for later, you can freeze the puree in ice cube trays or jars or containers--just make sure you give time for the food to cool if it’s hot. After its frozen, you can transfer it into ziplock bags and it’ll be fresh for a few months. Make sure you label and date each bag so you know when it’s time to switch it out!

When you’re ready to use it, you can pop it in the microwave or thaw it in the fridge a few hours in advance. All ready to enjoy!

We’d love to see your results and to know any other tips and tricks you have! Thanks for taking a look at the Nippii Baby Blog!