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There are lots of rumors floating around about all of the great pacifier mysteries: when your child should stop using them, which ones are good, which ones are not so good, what’s safe, what isn’t; the list continues on and on. To ease some of the confusion, we have gathered the latest research: just think of this as your Basic Binky Bible (alright, maybe it’s not that comprehensive, but hey, at least it’s something). 

When should my child start using a binky?

There’s not a set age, but if you are breastfeeding your baby, wait until you’ve developed an effective and regular nursing habit (this usually takes three to four weeks after baby is born). Just make sure you sterilize that binky before the first use! The easiest way to do that is by boiling it in water for about five minutes to kill all of those pesky germs. 

What kind of binky should my child use? 

Binkies that resemble a mother’s breast are the most effective--and this makes sense; if it resembles nursing, it is likely to calm your babe down. Our Nippii pacifier chamber can even be filled with warm water to replicate the feeling of feeding, too. Its a bonus! 

Why are binkies beneficial?

Binkies are soothing, pacifying (hence their other names, soothers or pacifiers). Children are born with a natural sucking reflex, and giving them something (safe!) to suck on allows them to feel comforted.

How often should a binky be used?

As long as your child isn't using it around the clock, they should be fine. Using binkies twenty-four-seven can cause dependence, and you don’t want to have to deal with that when trying to wean binky use; that’s already hard enough!

When should my child discontinue using binkies?

The recommended age for losing the soother is 36 months. After that, a binky can begin to cause dental and speech problems. Ditching it before the third birthday avoids those pesky troubles. 

Additionally, check binkies for holes and tears before giving them to your child. It just makes sure they're always safe. If they have any tears, toss em.'

How do I discontinue the binky use?

There are loads of methods. A lot of parents try to start weaning their child by only using binkies at nighttime or naptimes. This allows them to slowly grow used to not having it with them as often. Setting a date a week or two in advance as a completely binky-free deadline also works; just make sure you follow through and that they are all gone!

Keep your child involved in the process. Talking them through what’s happening a few days before anything changes allows them to feel more control in their lives, and that’s something we all would want to feel.